These guidelines are general rules-of-thumb. Your projects will run smoother if you follow them and use our export settings when creating PDFs for print.

• Package all InDesign files—native files, with all associated links and fonts, enable us to make adjustments for printing as well as make specific changes that you may request. Package files using the automatic feature in InDesign. This will create the best results.
• When printing 4-color, ensure all links and swatches are CMYK.
• Convert blacks to our rich black build: 50, 50, 50, 100 for fonts 20pt and larger, rules above 2pt or any solid fill.
• Ensure that there are no preflight errors (missing fonts, missing links, incorrect color spaces or overset text). Preflight profiles are available if needed.
• ZIP (compress) files before emailing or uploading to avoid any corruptions.
• Be sure there is at least .125” bleed on all files. For wide format jobs, .25″ bleed is even better.
• Create a new layer for all dielines and change the stroke swatch to a bright spot color.
• All image resolutions should be at least 300PPI for offset and digital printing.

Image Editing