Heidelberg Speedmaster

When time is of the essence, the difference between greatness and mediocrity is razor thin. Meet the game-changer. Our Heidelberg Speedmaster is German-engineered to be the perfect balance of speed and precision. At 18,000 sheets per hour, it prints jobs three times faster, meaning less operator time and greater cost savings for you. The days of sacrificing quality for speed are over.

The goods:

  • 6-color with more cost-effective spot color and coating options
  • 18,000 sheets per hour, three times faster than before
  • Best grey balance of any press tested
  • Faster make-ready means less set-up time and less material waste
  • Prints to the newest color standard
  • Internal Axis control system self adjusts for better consistency
  • Superior proof matching ability
  • Just look at it. Pretty sexy, no?

VUTEK Qs2pro

Size matters. Aesthetics are crucial. Without a visual impact, it's easy to be ignored. More than just ink on paper, our large-format printers can reproduce the Excell color standard on almost any material you can dream up. The new VUTEK is the next generation of large format printing. At three times the speed of the Acuity, the VUTEK is a hybrid printer with the ability to print from a roll or on rigid substrates while maintaining a near photo realistic quality.

The goods:

  • Photo realistic resolutions to 1000dpi
  • Three times faster than the Acuity
  • 8-colors + white
  • Roll or rigid substrates
  • Direct-to-digital technology